Self Check-in Procedure & House Manual

Full address: 90 Bishopsgate Street. B15 1EJ

Once you get to the address here you can see how to find our door (Green arrow)

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Front door (Green). Access ramp (Blue). Rubbish and stairs access (Violet). Stairs exit (Yellow) and our Private Parking spaces at the front and at the back (Red).
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Here you can see where the keybox is located. 1st open the cover (Green arrow), 2nd introduce the right code (Blue), 3rd turn the lock to the right (Red) and pull

If you struggle with the keybox here it is a video about how to open it:


  • Main network (Faster): Three_001258

Password: qAH2Mr5Dari

  • WiFi extra network (Better signal in some rooms): ManusPlace

Password: Monument123-4

Very important: Please do not touch or unplug the router box in the living room, it is glued there since the router must be next to the window and in that position or it might lose the 5G signal and it will not work, also the other devices there must be always plugged since they control the alarms and thermostat.

Router next to the window and alarm devices. Please do not touch.


If you need parking you can borrow our parking permit which you can find on a yellow vase located on a shelf as you walk into the kitchen, and you can park in any place in front of the property or at the back (Red arrows), or in another place of our complex, but we are allowed only 1 vehicle per property so if you have more than 1 you need to find another place for the extra vehicles.


If you need to take rubbish out, the bins are located on the left hand side door (Orange arrow) of the stairs access door (Violet arrow)

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Rubbish bins door (Orange), Stairs access door (Violet) and House front door (Green)


You cannot control the temperature yourself! The heating is scheduled but if you prefer other temperature you can contact our staff, especially via WhatsApp and they can modify the settings for you remotely. In winter please do not open the windows too much because the heating system does not know if the windows are opened and you might feel cold


Since there is no window in the bathroom we recommend to leave the bathroom door open when you are not using it, especially after showering, otherwise there is a significant risk of mould growth, but if you see any mould in the shower you can contact us and we can do special treatment in few minutes


Please when you finish using the parasol don’t forget to close it, and don’t leave it open when it’s windy, especially if you are not in the garden. Thanks a lot


  • Turn off the freezer (If you used it) and leave the door open
  • Leave the parking permit inside the yellow vase in the kitchen
  • Lock the back door, front door, and leave the key in the keybox
  • If you used the parasol for the garden please close it

Thanks a lot and have a safe journey!