First you have to collect the key at another property, located at:

15 Spooner Croft, B5 7JN.

Once you get to that address you will find 2 keyboxes, the one for The Brum Home is located as it is shown in the following picture:

We will give you the keybox code (Different each time) and once you collect the key you can go to the house you booked at:

90 Bishopsgate Street, B15 1EJ

Once you get to the address here you can see how to find our door (Green arrow)

Front door (Green). Access ramp (Blue). Rubbish and stairs access (Violet). Stairs exit (Yellow) and our Private Parking spaces at the front and at the back (Red).

WiFi network: Manu’s

Password: BishopsGate123-4

AND PLEASE, DON’T FORGET THE HOUSE RULES, especially the following ones:

  • Quiet time after 10pm. (A family with kids lives next door)
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Keep the premises as clean as possible. Extra fees may be applied if the place is left in an inappropriate condition such as plenty of rubbish or plenty of stains caused by food or drinks. Eating and drinking on the beds is strictly prohibited.


If you need parking you can borrow our parking permit which you can find on a yellow vase located on a shelf as you walk into the kitchen, and you can park in any place in front of the property or at the back (Red arrows), or in another place of our complex, but we are allowed only 1 vehicle per property so if you have more than 1 you need to find another place for the extra vehicles.


If you need to take rubbish out, the bins are located on the left hand side door (Orange arrow) of the stairs access door (Violet arrow)

Rubbish bins door (Orange), Stairs access door (Violet) and House front door (Green)


  • Turn off the heating and freezer (If you used it)
  • Leave the parking permit inside the yellow vase in the kitchen
  • Lock the back door, front door, and post the key in the letterbox (Black arrow):

Thanks a lot and have a safe journey!